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Crafting heartfelt images for bold, adventurous couples who are ready for something more. Bringing laughter and emotion to wedding days for a unique experience.







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People are my passion!

Hey there!

i'm abbie!

I'm an Indianapolis wedding photographer who still has her small town roots. You can usually catch me wearing fuzzy socks (#teamalwayscold) having a dance party with my husband, Adam, and our rambunctious toddler, Harvey. Want to hear something crazy?! Photography is not my passion.                  

I'm all about connecting on that, "We’ve known each other forever!"”kind of level.
For me, it's more than just telling your story; it's an invitation to an intimate moment in your life. It's a big deal because your love is a big deal.

want to know more?

i like my margaritas strong & my sundays lazy.

making sure no stone goes unturned


Each detail of your wedding day is going to be thoughtfully crafted. Your grandmother's vintage earrings, the way your veil falls gently over your shoulder, the inside joke you placed in your letter, the perfect cufflinks you searched for months to find. If it's important to you, it's important to me.

putting others at the heart of what i do


When I started this business it was to provide quality images. Over time, this mantra has grown beyond the final product & expanded into the entire client experience. It was only natural to have a huge part of my personal life pour into this journey. Working with and helping people is what I love most!

i believe laughter is the best medicine

good humor

As an ENTP, I love nothing more than bringing a smile to someone's face. From our first taco date to the final gallery, I'll be cracking the dad jokes and ensuring this season of life is one to remember! Plus, you'll get to look back on joyful images, not awkward ones. ;) 

rave reviews from my past clients

i don't wanna brag but...

Asset 5
Asset 5

Abigail was wonderful! She helped us relax and get through the day in a timely manner. She kept us on track and kept us laughing and enjoying every moment! We are very pleased.

- Adam & Rachel

Abigail was such a joy to work with. She was very good at giving us direction and at the same time letting us be ourselves. She was so accommodating and made sure we got the shots we wanted. Her positive demeanor helped us relax.

- Justin & Wrenn

Abigail is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. Her photos reflect her charming and fun personality very clearly. She is very talented, professional and gets you the finished products very quickly! She worked with me on both my engagement party and puja events. She is also very open to understanding different cultures and traditions and makes sure to capture the important moments beautifully. 

- Kunal & Swetha

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