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There are wedding photos and then there are wedding photos. You don't want to settle for ordinary. You know these images will be cherished for the rest of your lives and you want them to reflect your personalities. Plus, wouldn't you rather be followed around all day by someone you genuinely connect with? I got you. Think of me like your bridesmaid with a camera who will absolutely cry at your first dance.


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Crafting heartfelt images for bold, adventurous couples who are ready for something more. Bringing laughter and emotion to wedding days for a unique experience.







abigail gowin


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In the last 6 years I have seen it all. Snags in dresses, rowdy bridal parties, late starts, sudden snow on a bright spring day (Indiana, amirite?). I thrive under pressure and it's part of what drew me to weddings... plus cake & dancing! My go with the flow personality + mom voice are the perfect pairing to keep things running smoothly. 

Each timeline is crafted with a little buffer time in mind. Want 5 minutes after the ceremony to enjoy each other's company? Check. Need a little extra time getting ready with your crew? Can do! We will walk through your wants, needs, and desires to ensure the final gallery is exactly how you envisioned. 

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Favorite Food: Tacooooooos! You really can't go wrong with anything wrapped up in a tortilla, amirite? Add a margarita to the mix and you have one happy gal on your hands.

No. 1


Something I can't live without: Fuzzy socks. I'm that friend who is constantly cold and brings her sweater every.where. My stash of warm socks keep me nice and cozy around the house! 

No. 2


Best Show Ever: Parks and Rec - can you tell? Currently on my tenth running of the series. Sometimes I catch myself singing everyday things like Jean-Ralphio or calling my friends opalescent tree sharks. 

No. 3


Favorite Activity: Crossword puzzles! Adam & I really enjoy doing them before bed. I like the challenge and sometimes it's nice to not stare at a screen for a while.

No. 4

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it's time to know ya boo!

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more about moi

I love the little luxuries in life like fuzzy socks & going to bed at 8 pm (I miiiight actually be 80 years old). I'm fairly positive every dog I meet needs cuddles, so don't be surprised when you see me sitting on the sidewalk with a giant pup in my lap completely ignoring social norms. Oh, and if you have one of your own pleeeease bring them on our adventure!

My husband & I have your classic 21st century love story... we met on Tinder. Hey, ain't no shame in the online game. ;) I'd never felt more connected and grounded in my life. After our first date I was so sure he was *it* that I texted my girlfriends "#GowinToTheChapel" haha! Later found out it's pronounced Gow-In, but still cute right? In 2018 we welcomed Harvey to the team. He's smart & loves to crack toddler jokes. We couldn't be more proud to call him ours!

Quality time is my love language - and so are tacos. When you're ready, I'm ready.

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rave reviews from my past clients

i don't want to brag but...

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My husband & I hired Abbie to photograph our elopement. We had such an amazing experience and she found a completely gorgeous location. We have since hired her every year for our anniversary photos. If you're looking for someone who is fun, real and very creative, Abbie is your girl!

- Adam & Ashley

Abigail was awesome! My husband and I did our engagement photos with her and our wedding day. She made us feel comfortable and made the awkwardness funny. She captured amazing pictures and the brightness and colors are so beautiful! I love looking at them still!

- Will & Kelcie

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