Awesome. You’ve come to the right place! Weddings are my jam.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people head over heels tie the knot surrounded by loved ones. 


My photography style? Romantic, warm, and playful. It’s all about drawing out natural emotions and creating stunning artwork you can pass down for generations. 


When I say weddings are my jam, I mean it. Long before I picked up a camera, I was captivated by the romance and joy of weddings (and the cake!). My heart soars seeing a couple on cloud 9, excited for their forever together. Watching the special dances always brings a tear to my eye (what can I say, I’m a sucker for the sweet moments). But my absolute favorite thing about weddings is seeing two families join together in celebration for the people they love. 

Now, I am so honored to tell your story as it unfolds. Finding the stolen glances, capturing the light as it shines across your face, and freezing that moment in time when you felt like you were the only two people in the room. 

Together we’ll create your first family heirloom. On good days and bad, you can open up this work of art full of memories… bringing you back to day one. Someday you’ll pass it on and your love story will be told over and over.